far less high heeled shoes than previously, but that's about it.

my life is utterly consumed with school right now. already starting the countdown to graduation and there's still a year+ to go. anyway, here are some of the things I wore recently. there will probably be a part two to this post at some point.

IMG_9170 IMG_8646 IMG_9031 IMG_8459 IMG_9528 IMG_9493 IMG_9018 IMG_9254 IMG_9373 IMG_8897


simply titled spring

in the theme of having no time to write poetic musings, I'll just let you in on a hint: this was last year. I just thought it would be appropriate now seeing as easter is coming up and all. DSC06434 DSC06400 DSC06313 DSC06446 DSC06325 DSC06324 DSC06426 DSC06430

[Down on the West Coast I get this feeling] - Palos Verdes, CA

DSC06495 DSC06538 DSC06492 DSC06571


[the night was warm, we were bold and young] - Orange County Fair

DSC09117 DSC09121 DSC08940 DSC08874 DSC09111 DSC09062 DSC09012 Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.04.01 PM DSC09124 DSC09116
Little-known fact about me: I LOVE the fair!!! Growing up in Sacramento (the capitol of California), going to the State Fair was a huge deal- my family has competed in baking competitions every year for at least 20 years including this one. I'm so glad I moved to L.A. where they take their county fairs very seriously. This is my third trip to a local fair this summer and I would totally not be opposed to a fourth. Stay young and stay adventurous.
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I wore Prabal Garung for Target dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag and Forever 21 sandals.
DSC09065 DSC09120


[And sun sun sun all down our necks] - Palm Springs, CA


I posted part one a couple days ago where we checked in at The Saguaro, swam in the amazing pool, got dinner downtown, took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up the mountains, and had a movie date. Part two happens at Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway, back at our favorite pool, visiting Shield's Date Farm, and getting a late dinner at The Ace. See the video here.
IMG_0265 DSC02296 DSC02338 DSC02231 DSC02160 DSC02334 DSC02325 DSC02315
Outfit ONE
Old Navy dress (such a random lucky find!), Free People lace crop-top, Throwin' Shade sunnies from Urban Outfitters, The Limited belt I've had for years, Miu Miu kitten heels.
DSC02382 DSC02409 DSC02439
Outfit TWO
ASOS swimsuit, Forever 21 shoes and scarf worn as a sarong, vintage hat, Throwin' Shade sunnies from Urban Outfitters
DSC02385 DSC02668 DSC02671 DSC02674 DSC02686 DSC02688 DSC02711 DSC02704
Outfit THREE
H&M Conscious Collection printed dress, Target sweater, BCBG flats, all jewelry by Niv Elliot, hat found at a swap-meet, Throwin' Shade sunnies, and bag from Urban outfitters
DSC02570 DSC02517 DSC02523 DSC02608 DSC02613
Outfit FOUR
Vintage printed blouse, American Apparel dress and belt, SUPER old sandals from Old Navy, Urban Outfitters bag, amazing elephant necklace found at Forever 21
Parts three and four of my travel diary, coming soon!!! In the meantime, check out the video I made of our trip:

Palm Springs from NivElliot on Vimeo.