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Until my sophomore Spring semester at OTIS starts. DSC00239 DSC00208 DSC00269
After graduating with Associates degrees in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising from a community college in Sacramento, I transfered here to work on my Bachelors degree in the fall. I have a love/hate relationship with this school; I love what I'm learning and what I'm doing here but the environment on campus is really intense. I'm excited to see what this new semester brings though, and I'm ready for the challenge.
Wearing a skirt made by my sister, my favorite Urban Outfitters sandals and sunnies, Guess jacket from Buffalo Exchange, a Target t-shirt, Express belt, and the necklaces are my own design.
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[We've got the ocean, got the babes; Got the sun, we've got the waves]

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Jason and I recently moved out of our Irvine apartment to a place near downtown L.A. so I could be closer to school. It was a bittersweet move, we loved our tiny studio there and the quietness of a suburban area but now we're much closer to all the cool stuff L.A. has to offer. On the weekend before moving, we drove out to Newport Beach and then had a leisurely brunch and walk around Laguna.
I wore a button down from the men's section of Forever 21, Urban Outfitters skirt, American Apparel tights, and shoes from Steve Madden.
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[holiday shopping]

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I had a chance to do some shopping at The Grove mall over winter break - I love the fact that L.A. winters are still warm enough for summer clothes. I did get chilly after a but so we didn't stay too long after dark but I just can't resist those lights! The Grove is mostly great for people watching because there is such a variety of shoppers there, especially during the holidays.
I wore a basic tee shirt, an old favorite Forever 21 skirt, sandals I got at Loehmann's (RIP) just in time for my trip to Greece, and a necklace of my own design. DSC06371 DSC06438


[i made a friend]

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I've never been to an aquarium before but I got a small taste of their enchantment when Jason surprised me with a trip to the Manhattan Beach Pier. They have a tine one at the end of the pier and you can even touch some of the sea creatures! As you can probably tell by the huge smile on my face, I loved it.
I'm wearing a Guess jacket from Buffalo Exchange, a skirt my sister made, an Express belt, an old favorite t-shirt from Target, and the necklaces are my own designs.
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Driving is the best way to familiarize yourself with L.A. and as a newbie to the city I am constantly amazed by how beautiful this place is. DSC09100 DSC06628 DSC06645 DSC06597 DSC06574 DSC09217 DSC06820 DSC06823 DSC09770 DSC06460 DSC05525 DSC05527 DSC06332


[on the road again]

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Mom mom celebrated her birthday this weekend so Jason and I took a road trip up to Sacramento for her party. It was my first time visiting since moving to L.A. in August so it was a very emotional trip. I'm used to driving the other direction, headed to the beach and sunshine of L.A. and leaving home behind me for a mini vacation in SoCal, but this time it was opposite.
I wore a top from the GAP, Wildfox skirt, my favorite pair of sunnies from Urban Outfitters and a cardigan from Target. The necklaces are my own design, made from bullet shells I found on a street one time; the clutch is courtesy of Arbonne and the gorgeous duffel bag is from the men's section of Zara.
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