Wednesday, March 26

[Chamerion Latifolium & the conservatory of flowers]

Jason and I share a love for adventure, probably because we've always been a long-distance couple which means one of us has to traveling in order to see the other. We bob back and forth between Los Angeles and Sacramento with day trips around those areas to mix things up. This winter we randomly decided to explore the beautiful Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. I feel a little embarrassed to say that despite visiting the bay many times, I've never paid a visit!
DSC05502 DSC05510
The conservatory is home to approximately 1,700 rare and exotic plant species. They also house the largest and most comprehensive public collection in the world of high-altitude orchids: over 700 of the 1,000 known varieties. Beyond the beautiful flowers, the marvelous architecture of the conservatory is an elaborate Victorian-era greenhouse built of wood and glass. You can find it right off of John F. Kennedy Drive at the top of the park and I would definitely suggest a visit.
DSC05460 DSC05458 DSC05503DSC05454
I wore a men's H&M sweater, one of my favorite skirts by Foreign Exchange, Express belt, Urban Outfitters beanie I've had for ages, random boots from Target, and the bag was a gift from Jason. Also, fun fact: the scientific name for the Niviarsiaq flower (my blog's namesake) is Chamerion Latifolium, Greenland's national flower.

Thursday, February 13

[shiny pink heart shaped balloons]

shiny pink heart shaped balloons and cupid kisses for days.

shiny pink heart shaped balloons and cupid kisses for days. by nivelliot
In the spirit of Valentine's day, here's an unintentionally Miley Cyrus-inspired set to get you thinking about the more punk-rock ways one can dress up for the holiday. I'm specifically feeling the cotton candy colored sheath dress with simple white stilettos; and how great would that neon Dsquared2 dress look with some high top kicks and a faded denim cropped jacket?! 

Sunday, February 2

[late night coffee stop on HWY 99]

DSC07440 DSC07441
Lately I've been feeling slightly (read: totally) over-whelmed by the reality of everyday life. I work 5 days a week and go to school 3 days a week while planning a wedding, applying for a new job, trying to get accepted into one of the country's top art schools, & preparing to move 400 miles away. This is as close as it gets to normality for me and it is very tiring. Balance is incredibly hard to achieve. 
657480-R1-20-4 copy DSC07449
Juices for breakfast and/or dinner have been super helpful in keeping my energy up. I've been experimenting with recipes for fruit and veggie juices that keep you satisfied. I'm also trying to stay active (something I love but must work hard to make time for) and have been going for runs by the river lately which I'm very proud of! And of course there's the impromptu adventure... like when these pictures were taken in the middle of the night on a roadtrip from Sacramento to Los Angeles for 36 hours before I had to fly back for school. Things like that revive and inspire me like nothing else!
wearing a t-shirt dress I got at Loemann's (RIP), a basic cardigan from Target, H&M wedges, Urban Outfitters flower crown, some vintage jewelry, a men's gold Seiko watch, and my own logo tote bag.

Sunday, January 19

[urban light]

DSC07515 DSC07519DSC07537
I visited Jason for a week and a half over the new year- a much needed vacation as semester finals and crazy retail holiday work life gave me no time off since the end of October. Just about every time we see each other we always try to stop by a gallery or museum so this recent trip ended with a day at the LACMA. There is so much to see and they always have new and interesting exhibits (currently "The Journey of a Dress" about Diane Von Furstenburg's iconic wrap dress!!!) it's become one of my favorite museums for sure. Plus who doesn't love the huge row of food trucks across the street from the (newly)iconic Urban Lights?!
wearing some H&M holographic wedges, American Apparel tights, a Forever 21 painter dress (I guess I was artistically feeling inspired), and my own Niv Elliot logo tote bag
DSC07508 DSC07507
Random question here: are you interested at all in hearing about wedding planning progress and inspiration? I have plenty to share I'm just not sure if it would be out of place... let me know!
DSC07494 DSC07481

Saturday, January 4

[my lover, he’s waiting for me just across the bar]

DSC02693 DSC02699
I distinctly remember this jacket as being one of the first fashionable pieces I ever bought.  I got it when I was like 8 years old from Forever 21 at the mall. Growing up with a huge family (10 siblings- 6 of them girls) I wore a lot of hand-me-downs so when I fell in love with this jacket I knew I had to have it.  Years later it's still one of the coolest things I own. It is actually reversable too, one side is simple pink-on-pink (how I'm wearing it here) and the other has Japanese-style embroidery on the sleeves and back- I'm still baffled that it came from a Forever 21.
DSC02694 DSC02692
I paired it with a bag and necklace of my own design, an American Apparel dress, Hue tights, flatforms, headband, and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, Express belt, and a ring I found randomly somewhere.
All the photos were taken in some alley-way in San Francisco near Market street by Jason Ruby.