Wednesday, July 16


It feels so surreal to be planning our wedding to happen along this stunning bit of California coast next month. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Jason and my engagement. He proposed last summer, the day after my birthday (when he found a one-of-a-kind handmade ring for me) on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. The very first thing we booked for the wedding, after coming back from Greece, was The Wayfarers Chapel and a cliffside patio near a lighthouse for the reception.
This year for my birthday, Jason took me to lunch at Nelson's in Terranea. This resort boasts the distinction of being the only hotel on Palos Verdes Peninsula and is home to some of L.A.'s best farm-to-fork restaurants, scenic villas, and rugged beaches facing Catalina Island. We love going for walks around here when I'm in the area or picking up some of their delicious desserts at the hotel cafe.
I wore a t-shirt from H&M, a super chic skirt from The Limited, my favorite Urban Outfitters bag adorned with a rabbit tail, sandals from my old job at Loehmann's, and a random assortment of jewelry with big gold hoop earrings from Forever 21.

Wednesday, June 18

[now I've had the time of my life]

Somehow we ended up on Angel Island for most of a day. Here's the story:
 I think Alcatraz tickets were all sold out for the afternoon we drove into San Francisco (again!) and I guess our island fever was in full swing because here we ended up. I knew absolutely nothing about this place before getting off the boat (and admittedly still know very little even after coming back) so there really was no plan as to what to do when we got there. I spotted a bike rental place and we rented a couple mountain bikes which turned out to be a bad idea since I had this inefficient handbag along and the hills were pretty steep. Needless to say, those were immediately returned.

I then found an old museum with the island's history, promptly picked up a map of the various trails, and set about hiking along what looked to be a leisurely walk along some not-so-rugged terrain. Perfect! Well, at some point we met a few hikers coming downhill from the peak and asked how far there was to go and what the trail was like and heard, not only that we still had a ways to go, but that the hill became much steeper. Being the unprepared hikers we were, with no food or water, I think it was a good decision to turn back.
Eventually we did find a little cafe/bar on the pier where the boat was set to pick us up and the day got much nicer with a cold beer in hand. I would actually love to visit the island again, despite our strange experience. It seems like fun - if you're prepared to handle the elements; I'm sure there's a fantastic view from the peak!!
I wore my favorite American Apparel dress, Forever 21 scarf and vest, Target handbag, high tops from Urban Outfitters, and a men's Seiko watch.

Monday, June 9

[food and water]

I've mentioned before that every time I visit the bay area a lot of aimless driving tends to occur until food and/or parking is procured. This time we stopped at the Shanghai Dumpling King, one of Jason's favorite spots in the city and where we ate on our first date. I always come back for their vegetarian steamed dumpling and the sugar egg puffs they make for dessert. Yum!!
Some of my other favorite spots to grab a bite are: Mocca on Maiden Lane (make sure to bring cash!), and Perry's - especially the Embarcadero location for it's patio with bay bridge views!
After lunch we drove down past Golden Gate Park and straight to the beach. It's always a surprise to come across views like these - especially on such a sunny day, because it seems so un-like the quintessentially cold city San Francisco is known to be. We lucked out with incredible weather and went for an impromptu stroll along the sand. These chunky Aldo heels always serve me well on long days such as this- they are so sturdy for walking in!
Later in the day we headed towards Coit Tower, a trip I highly recommend for anyone visiting the city, and we were rewarded with the most incredible 360 degree view of the bay! Still such a good memory. The wind picked up a bit on the hill so I'm glad I brought this old scarf to use as a wrap when it got chilly! I also my wore Hudson jeans, this Forever 21 dress/shirt thing, my favorite Urban Outfitters bag and sunnies, and a smear of MAC's Lady Danger lipstick to brighten things up a bit.

Tuesday, May 27

[the ground beneath my feet is open wide]

Last week, after finishing my finals, I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. This summer my life is completely changing, I'm moving to L.A., marrying the coolest guy I know, and starting classes at one of the best art schools in the country - to name a few things; so this weekend was just what I needed to get refreshed before the whirlwind begins. I spent the last few days lounging by the river, hanging out with my family, eating ice cream at one of my old haunts, and watching the sunset every evening from our roof.
How did you spend Memorial Day?

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I wore a Pins and Needles skirt from Urban Outfitters, my favorite old scarf I found at the mall years ago, this beautiful top I got while working at Loehmann's, and the amazing gold sandals I picked up at Forever 21 on spring break after the pair I had on broke at the Irvine Spectrum.

P.S. I finally bought so make sure to bookmark my blog to the new link!

Sunday, May 18

[escape to the bay]

Mid-semester getaways are my favorite thing. 
These spur-of-the-moment trips out of town usually happen when 1) I'm in desperate need of some inspiration 2) I need to source materials for a project, or 3) I just don't really have anything better to do on my day off. It works like magic though because I always come back feeling refreshed and with new memories and sometimes even trinkets to hold onto. Having almost nothing planned in advance leaves room for adventure like discovering a new favorite doughnut shop in Berkeley (seriously the best!!) or stopping for gas in the beautiful little city of Benicia, and even renting a row boat to paddle with Jason around Golden Gate Park's Stow Lake.

This pair of beautiful red leather boots came from a rock'n'roll little vintage shop in Brooklyn and (despite my getting them a bit muddy) they are in perfect condition and are so comfortable! The skirt is my own design; I had some leftover wool from one of my collections in a good amount for another garment. I'm not a huge fan of the high-low hem trend but I've seen some elegant ones when the dip isn't too deep so I wanted to make my own version. I put together the entire skirt in about two hours with a large box pleat in front, two smaller ones in the back (sorry it doesn't show up very well in the pictures!), and a neat little zipper along one side. I usually don't make a lot of clothing for myself because all my sewing projects are sample sizes for models to wear but this piece inspired me to start changing that.
I'm also wearing my favorite sweater from Free People, a muscle tee I picked up at Urban Outfitters, a scarf from Target worn as a headband, and sunglasses from What Goes Around Comes Around in NYC.