[out on the water's where you're gonna find me] - Korean Bell, San Pedro

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I am always down for an adventure and one of my favorite things in life is to see and do something new. Jason suggested we go to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro one day and neither of us had been there so we made a plan to see it. This place seriously took my breath away! The bell is surrounded by a sloping park which leads to the Point Fermin Lighthouse and stunning views of the bustling Port of Los Angeles. I was really surprised by how cool this area is; I had no idea there was anything to do in San Pedro but now I can't wait to go back and explore the lighthouse and find the sunken city by the water.
I wore an American Apparel skirt and unisex t-shirt, Asos sandals, Urban outfitters bag and sunnies, and a necklace of my own design. Check out my Instagram and Snapchat @nivelliot to keep up!
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[all you need is love]

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Happy Pride Week!! I spent most of the day in West Hollywood with Jason to watch the LA Pride Parade and it was so much fun! This was our fist time seeing it but we definitely want to go again. It doesn't really matter what your orientation is, because the parade is more about being happy and loving than it is about anything else. The highlights of the day were when Channing Tatum surprised everyone by dancing on the Magic Mike float (that's him below in the white shirt on the left!), and when Jason and I were waiting for our Uber ride to show up 3 feet away from where Kylie Jenner was waiting for her private driver. Celebrities... they're just like us!
I wore an ASOS dress, Converse high-tops, my Rebecca Minkoff bag, and a headband I made myself. Jason wore an H&M shirt, thrifted shorts, and Zara slippers.
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How great is that float? This was the best spin class promotion I think I've ever seen. They were on those bikes for the entire parade - which was almost 4 hours!!! Looks like fun too.


[the details are not the details. they make the design] -charles eames

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Every art school wants to be prove that they are cool and different by having their list of required general-ed classes be unique and somehow art-focused. Last semester I had to bus, Uber, or beg for a ride from my in-laws, to a class that was entirely devoted to the work of Charles and Ray Eames, and more specifically, their house. I had high hopes for the class as it was a subject I was familiar with and interested in, but it became generally a huge waste of time due to its unmotivated teacher. It did, however, inspire me to book a reservation at the Eames' old Pacific Palisades home, which turned out to be stunning and aesthetically inspiring - the perfect excuse for a beautiful weekend drive out to Malibu! I guess in that way, the class succeeded.
I wore an ASOS trench and Mondrian-inspired skirt, H&M t-shirt, Urban Outfitters bag and sunnies, and Steve Madden shoes. Jason's shirt is Forever 21 with Levi's and Cole Haan boots.
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[magic hour at the county fair]

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Two weeks ago I went to the Hermosa Beach fair on a bike ride with Jason, and this weekend we got to see the Palos Verdes fair. I love fair season! Deep fried cheesecake, petting zoos, loud rides, and everything. Growing up in Sacramento, I lived just a couple blocks away from the California State Fair where my family would compete in chocolate baking competitions every year. I'm going back up to visit in July and hopefully I'll get to visit the fair while I'm at it.
I wore an American Apparel shirt, ASOS sandals (see them again here), Jason got me the bag from Urban Outfitters, and my sister made the skirt.
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[a long drive could end in burning flames or paradise]

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One of my big goals this summer has been to get outside as often as I can and experience this city in as many ways as possible. So far, Jason and I have been doing that mainly through hiking. We've done three hikes in the last two weeks ranging from a short backroad trail in Palos Verdes, to a rigorous treck up Echo Mountain in Altadena, and last night was a scenic walk through Griffith Park. The moment our work day was over, we laced up our boots and drove straight to the park, just in time for an incredible sunset. One of my new favorite L.A. memories for sure.
I wore a new pair of Merrell hiking boots with REI socks, Free People skirt, one of Jason's Urban Outfitter's t-shirts, and my favorite Forever 21 scarf.
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[that's where I wanna be, living in Beverly Hills]

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I can't stop watching Casey Neistat's daily vlogs. If you haven't heard of him, meet your new inspiration for living life awesomely - just saying. It inspired me to finally start editing more of my video travel travel diaries. I'll post a new one from my stay in Greece soon, but in the meantime, you can check out my other videos here.
The weather has been so nice lately I can't help but get out of the house and drive around with the windows down and Iggy Azalea on my speakers.
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Wearing my Rebecca Minkoff bag, Urban Outfitters sunnies, a men's sweatshirt and button down I found at Forever 21 along with one of their skirts, and Steve Madden shoes.


[I've been up all night, tryna get that rich]

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I'm really not used to LA's whole "June Gloom" thing so I've been trying to get outside for every possible moment of sunshine - even if it's just to grab groceries or some boba milk tea. My new ASOS sandals are perfect for slipping on when I want to feel both cute and comfortable - which is a pretty tall order for a shoe. They are sold out online but you can find similar versions here and here.
I'm also wearing my recent favorite Forever 21 peplum skirt, A cute shirt I scored at a clothing exchange, Urban outfitters bag and sunnies, and my own Niv Elliot Brazillian crystal necklace.